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Series K (Feb 01-Feb 20)

Loser of OMHA B, Loser of OMHA C, Loser of OMHA D

TeamGPWLTPtsW %GFGAGF %Last 10Streak
1Barrie Colts431060.7501740.8103-1-0WON 2
2Innisfil Winterhawks431060.75010130.4353-1-0LOST 1
3Markham Waxers404000.0007170.2920-4-0LOST 4
Game #DateTimeAwayScoreHomeVenue
YS-M-A18-K2Feb 088:00 PMInnisfil3-2MarkhamMilliken Mills
YS-M-A18-K5Feb 105:15 PMMarkham2-5BarrieEast Bayfield (Purple)
YS-M-A18-K3Feb 157:00 PMInnisfil2-1BarrieMolson Centre
YS-M-A18-K1Feb 163:15 PMMarkham3-5InnisfilInnisfil Rec (Gold)
YS-M-A18-K6Feb 176:00 PMBarrie4-0MarkhamVillage
YS-M-A18-K4Feb 209:00 PMBarrie7-0InnisfilInnisfil Rec (Red)
All Scheduled Games
Game #DateTimeAwayScoreHomeVenue
YS-M-A18-K2Feb 088:00 PMInnisfil Winterhawks3-2Markham WaxersMilliken Mills
YS-M-A18-J1Feb 094:45 PMKing Rebellion8-1Richmond Hill StarsTom Graham (Green)
YS-M-A18-K5Feb 105:15 PMMarkham Waxers2-5Barrie ColtsEast Bayfield (Purple)
YS-M-A18-J2Feb 119:15 PMRichmond Hill Stars3-6King RebellionNobleton Rec
YS-M-A18-K3Feb 157:00 PMInnisfil Winterhawks2-1Barrie ColtsMolson Centre
YS-M-A18-K1Feb 163:15 PMMarkham Waxers3-5Innisfil WinterhawksInnisfil Rec (Gold)
YS-M-A18-K6Feb 176:00 PMBarrie Colts4-0Markham WaxersVillage
YS-M-A18-J3Feb 176:00 PMKing Rebellion Richmond Hill StarsElgin Barrow (East)
YS-M-A18-K4Feb 209:00 PMBarrie Colts7-0Innisfil WinterhawksInnisfil Rec (Red)
YS-M-A18-O1Feb 238:00 PMKing Rebellion3-6Newmarket RedmenRay Twinney (1)
YS-M-A18-M3Feb 286:30 PMMarkham Waxers3-2Orillia TerriersWest Orillia (Green)
YS-M-A18-L3Mar 017:15 PMBarrie Colts1-3Bradford BulldogsBradford Leisure (Blue)
YS-M-A18-M1Mar 018:50 PMMarkham Waxers2-6Orillia TerriersWest Orillia (Green)
YS-M-A18-N1Mar 019:00 PMInnisfil Winterhawks0-4Georgina BlazeGeorgina Sutton
YS-M-A18-O2Mar 019:15 PMNewmarket Redmen1-3King RebellionTrisan Centre
YS-M-A18-N2Mar 023:15 PMGeorgina Blaze7-1Innisfil WinterhawksInnisfil Rec (Gold)
YS-M-A18-L2Mar 026:00 PMRichmond Hill Stars3-6Barrie ColtsHolly Rec (Rink 2)
YS-M-A18-M2Mar 027:30 PMOrillia Terriers5-0Markham WaxersVillage
YS-M-A18-O3Mar 028:30 PMKing Rebellion1-2Newmarket RedmenRay Twinney (1)
YS-M-A18-N3Mar 032:00 PMInnisfil Winterhawks3-2Georgina BlazeIce Palace (Blue)
YS-M-A18-L6Mar 038:30 PMBradford Bulldogs4-1Richmond Hill StarsTom Graham (Burgundy)
YS-M-A18-M4Mar 049:00 PMOrillia Terriers8-4Markham WaxersCentennial
YS-M-A18-O4Mar 049:15 PMNewmarket Redmen1-1King RebellionNobleton Rec
YS-M-A18-N4Mar 057:15 PMGeorgina Blaze4-2Innisfil WinterhawksInnisfil Rec (Gold)
YS-M-A18-L4Mar 058:00 PMRichmond Hill Stars1-5Bradford BulldogsBob Fallis
YS-M-A18-O5Mar 058:30 PMKing Rebellion4-2Newmarket RedmenRay Twinney (1)
YS-M-A18-O6Mar 068:00 PMNewmarket Redmen2-3King RebellionNobleton Rec
YS-M-A18-M5Mar 068:00 PMMarkham Waxers Orillia TerriersWest Orillia (Blue)
YS-M-A18-N5Mar 069:00 PMInnisfil Winterhawks Georgina BlazeGeorgina Sutton
YS-M-A18-P1Mar 095:10 PMKing Rebellion3-2Orillia TerriersWest Orillia (Green)
YS-M-A18-L5Mar 095:30 PMBarrie Colts5-1Richmond Hill StarsElgin Barrow (East)
YS-M-A18-L1Mar 108:15 PMBradford Bulldogs7-4Barrie ColtsAllandale Rec (Blue)
YS-M-A18-P2Mar 138:00 PMOrillia Terriers4-1King RebellionTrisan Centre
YS-M-A18-Q1Mar 149:15 PMBradford Bulldogs6-4Georgina BlazeGeorgina Sutton
YS-M-A18-P3Mar 165:10 PMKing Rebellion2-3Orillia TerriersWest Orillia (Green)
YS-M-A18-Q2Mar 167:15 PMGeorgina Blaze1-3Bradford BulldogsBradford Leisure (Green)
YS-M-A18-P4Mar 175:15 PMOrillia Terriers3-1King RebellionTrisan Centre
YS-M-A18-Q3Mar 189:00 PMBradford Bulldogs4-1Georgina BlazeGeorgina Sutton
YS-M-A18-Q4Mar 197:00 PMGeorgina Blaze Bradford BulldogsBradford Leisure (Blue)
YS-M-A18-P5Mar 208:50 PMKing Rebellion Orillia TerriersWest Orillia (Blue)
YS-M-A18-Q5Mar 219:15 PMBradford Bulldogs Georgina BlazeGeorgina Sutton
YS-M-A18-R1Mar 228:10 PMBradford Bulldogs4-3Orillia TerriersWest Orillia (Blue)
YS-M-A18-R2Mar 237:15 PMOrillia Terriers5-4Bradford BulldogsBradford Leisure (Green)
YS-M-A18-R3Mar 278:50 PMBradford Bulldogs2-1Orillia TerriersWest Orillia (Blue)
YS-M-A18-R4Mar 288:00 PMOrillia Terriers3-6Bradford BulldogsBob Fallis
YS-M-A18-R5Mar 313:00 PMBradford Bulldogs Orillia TerriersWest Orillia (Green)
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