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Series N (Feb 13-Mar 05)

2nd Place of A VS Loser of K (Loser of B if it’s a YS Team. This become a RR)

TeamGPWLTPtsW %GFGAGF %Last 10Streak
1TNT Tornados440081.0002110.9554-0-0WON 4
2Whitchurch-Stouffville Clippers422040.5001490.6092-2-0LOST 1
3Newmarket Redmen404000.0004290.1210-4-0LOST 4
Game #DateTimeAwayScoreHomeVenue
PAE-YS-QN-6Feb 247:30 PMTNT4-1Whitchurch-StouffvilleStouffville (Pad A)
PAE-YS-QN-3Feb 252:00 PMNewmarket0-11TNTNew Tecumseth Rec (NTRC 1)
PAE-YS-QN-2Feb 264:45 PMWhitchurch-Stouffville3-0NewmarketMagna (Pfaff)
PAE-YS-QN-1Mar 017:45 PMTNT5-0NewmarketRay Twinney (2)
PAE-YS-QN-5Mar 037:30 PMNewmarket4-10Whitchurch-StouffvilleStouffville (Pad A)
PAE-YS-QN-4Mar 042:00 PMWhitchurch-Stouffville0-1TNTNew Tecumseth Rec (NTRC 2)
All Scheduled Games
Game #DateTimeAwayScoreHomeVenue
PAE-YSK-1Jan 222:30 PMNewmarket Redmen2-4Richmond Hill StarsElgin Barrow (East)
PAE-YSJ-1Jan 268:00 PMOrillia Terriers5-4Innisfil WinterhawksInnisfil Rec (Red)
PAE-YSJ-2Jan 285:05 PMInnisfil Winterhawks6-2Orillia TerriersWest Orillia (Green)
PAE-YSK-2Jan 294:45 PMRichmond Hill Stars1-2Newmarket RedmenMagna (Pfaff)
PAE-YSJ-3Feb 016:30 PMOrillia Terriers3-2Innisfil WinterhawksInnisfil Rec (Red)
PAE-YSK-3Feb 018:00 PMNewmarket Redmen1-4Richmond Hill StarsBond Lake
PAE-YSJ-4Feb 046:15 PMInnisfil Winterhawks4-5Orillia TerriersWest Orillia (Green)
PAE-YSK-4Feb 054:45 PMRichmond Hill Stars4-7Newmarket RedmenMagna (Pfaff)
PAE-YSK-5Feb 114:30 PMNewmarket Redmen3-5Richmond Hill StarsBond Lake
PAE-YS-QL-1Feb 121:00 PMInnisfil Winterhawks2-1Aurora TigersStronach ARC (Toyota (West))
PAE-YS-QM-1Feb 137:30 PMGeorgina Blaze2-4Markham WaxersCentennial
PAE-YS-QO-3Feb 138:00 PMBarrie Colts 1 White6-1Orillia TerriersBrian Orser
PAE-YS-QL-2Feb 157:40 PMAurora Tigers3-2Innisfil WinterhawksInnisfil Rec (Red)
PAE-YS-QL-3Feb 166:45 PMInnisfil Winterhawks0-5Aurora TigersStronach ARC (Toyota (West))
PAE-YS-QM-2Feb 178:00 PMMarkham Waxers1-0Georgina BlazeGeorgina Sutton
PAE-YS-QO-1Feb 184:50 PMOrillia Terriers2-4Barrie Colts 1 WhiteHolly Rec (Rink 1)
PAE-YS-QM-3Feb 217:00 PMGeorgina Blaze6-7Markham WaxersCentennial
PAE-YS-QL-4Feb 217:10 PMAurora Tigers1-0Innisfil WinterhawksInnisfil Rec (Red)
PAE-YS-QO-4Feb 227:30 PMRichmond Hill Stars6-1Orillia TerriersWest Orillia (Blue)
PAE-YS-QN-6Feb 247:30 PMTNT Tornados4-1Whitchurch-Stouffville ClippersStouffville (Pad A)
PAE-YS-QN-3Feb 252:00 PMNewmarket Redmen0-11TNT TornadosNew Tecumseth Rec (NTRC 1)
PAE-YS-QO-6Feb 254:00 PMOrillia Terriers5-1Richmond Hill StarsElvis Stojko
PAE-YS-QO-2Feb 261:20 PMRichmond Hill Stars0-4Barrie Colts 1 WhiteEast Bayfield (Purple)
PAE-YS-QN-2Feb 264:45 PMWhitchurch-Stouffville Clippers3-0Newmarket RedmenMagna (Pfaff)
PAE-YS-QN-1Mar 017:45 PMTNT Tornados5-0Newmarket RedmenRay Twinney (2)
PAE-YS-QN-5Mar 037:30 PMNewmarket Redmen4-10Whitchurch-Stouffville ClippersStouffville (Pad A)
PAE-YS-QN-4Mar 042:00 PMWhitchurch-Stouffville Clippers0-1TNT TornadosNew Tecumseth Rec (NTRC 2)
PAE-YS-QO-5Mar 053:00 PMBarrie Colts 1 White4-1Richmond Hill StarsElvis Stojko
PAE-YS-SP-1Mar 076:00 PMAurora Tigers1-4Barrie Colts 1 WhiteHolly Rec (Rink 2)
PAE-YS-SQ-1Mar 077:00 PMTNT Tornados2-3Markham WaxersAngus Glen (1 - West)
PAE-YS-SP-2Mar 098:20 PMBarrie Colts 1 White4-3Aurora TigersStronach ARC (Toyota (West))
PAE-YS-SQ-2Mar 112:00 PMMarkham Waxers0-3TNT TornadosNew Tecumseth Rec (NTRC 2)
PAE-YS-SP-3Mar 125:20 PMAurora Tigers2-3Barrie Colts 1 WhiteAllandale Rec (Red)
PAE-YS-SQ-3Mar 158:15 PMTNT Tornados3-1Markham WaxersMilliken Mills
PAE-YS-SQ-4Mar 182:30 PMMarkham Waxers0-2TNT TornadosNew Tecumseth Rec (NTRC 1)
PAE-YS-FR-1Mar 227:30 PMTNT Tornados1-3Barrie Colts 1 WhiteMolson Centre
PAE-YS-FR-2Mar 255:00 PMBarrie Colts 1 White1-2TNT TornadosNew Tecumseth Rec (NTRC 1)
PAE-YS-FR-3Mar 263:50 PMTNT Tornados3-4Barrie Colts 1 WhiteHolly Rec (Rink 1)
PAE-YS-FR-4Mar 287:00 PMBarrie Colts 1 White4-2TNT TornadosNew Tecumseth Rec (NTRC 1)
PAE-YS-FR-5Mar 297:10 PMTNT Tornados Barrie Colts 1 WhiteHolly Rec (Rink 2)
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