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Series J (Feb 11-Mar 05)

Loser of OMHA A VS 3rLoser of H

TeamGPWLTPtsW %GFGAGF %Last 10Streak
1Markham Waxers431060.750840.6673-1-0WON 1
2Bradford Bulldogs413020.250480.3331-3-0LOST 1
Game #DateTimeAwayScoreHomeVenue
PA-YS-QJ-2Feb 116:15 PMMarkham2-1BradfordBradford Leisure (Green)
PA-YS-QJ-1Feb 126:15 PMBradford1-3MarkhamMilliken Mills
PA-YS-QJ-3Feb 187:15 PMBradford2-1MarkhamCentennial
PA-YS-QJ-4Feb 257:45 PMMarkham2-0BradfordBradford Leisure (Green)
All Scheduled Games
Game #DateTimeAwayScoreHomeVenue
PA-YSH-1Jan 212:20 PMBradford Bulldogs3-2East Gwillimbury EaglesEGSC (West)
PA-YSG-2Jan 212:30 PMNewmarket Redmen5-2Nobleking KnightsNobleton Rec
PA-YSH-2Jan 246:00 PMEast Gwillimbury Eagles4-3Bradford BulldogsBob Fallis
PA-YSH-3Jan 284:40 PMBradford Bulldogs0-3East Gwillimbury EaglesEGSC (West)
PA-YSF-1Jan 285:20 PMSchomberg Red Wings0-5Orillia TerriersWest Orillia (Blue)
PA-YSG-1Jan 287:30 PMNobleking Knights1-2Newmarket RedmenRay Twinney (1)
PA-YSH-4Jan 291:30 PMEast Gwillimbury Eagles2-5Bradford BulldogsBradford Leisure (Blue)
PA-YSF-2Jan 296:00 PMOrillia Terriers6-2Schomberg Red WingsTrisan Centre
PA-YSG-3Feb 017:30 PMNobleking Knights3-9Newmarket RedmenRay Twinney (1)
PA-YSH-5Feb 042:10 PMBradford Bulldogs0-2East Gwillimbury EaglesEGSC (West)
PA-YSF-3Feb 053:50 PMSchomberg Red Wings2-2Orillia TerriersWest Orillia (Blue)
PA-YSF-4Feb 087:00 PMOrillia Terriers2-1Schomberg Red WingsTrisan Centre
PA-YS-QJ-2Feb 116:15 PMMarkham Waxers2-1Bradford BulldogsBradford Leisure (Green)
PA-YS-QK-1Feb 123:00 PMNobleking Knights1-8Richmond Hill StarsElgin Barrow (East)
PA-YS-QJ-1Feb 126:15 PMBradford Bulldogs1-3Markham WaxersMilliken Mills
PA-YS-QL-3Feb 157:30 PMEast Gwillimbury Eagles2-3Newmarket RedmenRay Twinney (1)
PA-YS-QK-2Feb 182:30 PMRichmond Hill Stars7-4Nobleking KnightsNobleton Rec
PA-YS-QL-5Feb 185:20 PMEast Gwillimbury Eagles8-5Orillia TerriersWest Orillia (Blue)
PA-YS-QJ-3Feb 187:15 PMBradford Bulldogs2-1Markham WaxersCentennial
PA-YS-QK-3Feb 194:00 PMNobleking Knights0-10Richmond Hill StarsTom Graham (Burgundy)
PA-YS-QL-4Feb 227:30 PMOrillia Terriers1-1Newmarket RedmenRay Twinney (1)
PA-YS-QI-1Feb 228:30 PMSchomberg Red Wings1-6Barrie ColtsHolly Rec (Rink 2)
PA-YS-QJ-4Feb 257:45 PMMarkham Waxers2-0Bradford BulldogsBradford Leisure (Green)
PA-YS-QL-2Feb 263:20 PMOrillia Terriers4-4East Gwillimbury EaglesEGSC (West)
PA-YS-QI-3Feb 277:30 PMSchomberg Red Wings0-9Barrie ColtsHolly Rec (Rink 1)
PA-YS-QL-6Feb 288:00 PMNewmarket Redmen3-2Orillia TerriersBrian Orser
PA-YS-QI-4Mar 038:10 PMBarrie Colts9-0Schomberg Red WingsTrisan Centre
PA-YS-QL-1Mar 043:10 PMNewmarket Redmen8-4East Gwillimbury EaglesEGSC (West)
PA-YS-SN-1Mar 051:30 PMMarkham Waxers3-2Richmond Hill StarsElvis Stojko
PA-YS-SN-2Mar 078:30 PMRichmond Hill Stars2-0Markham WaxersAngus Glen (1 - West)
PA-YS-SM-1Mar 096:00 PMNewmarket Redmen4-5Barrie ColtsEastview
PA-YS-SN-3Mar 114:30 PMMarkham Waxers2-3Richmond Hill StarsTom Graham (Burgundy)
PA-YS-SM-2Mar 117:30 PMBarrie Colts6-2Newmarket RedmenRay Twinney (1)
PA-YS-SN-4Mar 126:00 PMRichmond Hill Stars3-2Markham WaxersMilliken Mills
PA-YS-SM-3Mar 126:40 PMNewmarket Redmen1-6Barrie ColtsAllandale Rec (Red)
PA-YS-FO-1Mar 177:10 PMRichmond Hill Stars4-5Barrie ColtsEast Bayfield (Purple)
PA-YS-FO-2Mar 194:30 PMBarrie Colts6-4Richmond Hill StarsElgin Barrow (East)
PA-YS-FO-3Mar 217:10 PMRichmond Hill Stars4-1Barrie ColtsMolson Centre
PA-YS-FO-4Mar 253:00 PMBarrie Colts2-3Richmond Hill StarsElvis Stojko
PA-YS-FO-5Mar 266:50 PMRichmond Hill Stars2-5Barrie ColtsEast Bayfield (Green)
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