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Series I (Feb 19-Mar 18)

1st vs 4th Based on regular season from winner of G and H

TeamGPWLTPtsW %GFGAGF %Last 10Streak
1Markham Waxers330061.000810.8893-0-0WON 3
2TNT Tornados303000.000180.1110-3-0LOST 3
Game #DateTimeAwayScoreHomeVenue
YS-N-AA-I1Mar 076:00 PMTNT0-2MarkhamMilliken Mills
YS-N-AA-I2Mar 083:00 PMMarkham2-1TNTNew Tecumseth Rec (NTRC 2)
YS-N-AA-I3Mar 126:30 PMTNT0-4MarkhamMount Joy
All Scheduled Games
Game #DateTimeAwayScoreHomeVenue
YS-N-AA-F11Jan 297:00 PMRichmond Hill Stars5-0Whitchurch-Stouffville ClippersStouffville Clippers (CC1)
YS-N-AA-F8Jan 307:30 PMRichmond Hill Stars2-1TNT TornadosNew Tecumseth Rec (NTRC 2)
YS-N-AA-F7Jan 312:30 PMNewmarket Redmen4-3TNT TornadosNew Tecumseth Rec (NTRC 2)
YS-N-AA-F1Feb 013:15 PMRichmond Hill Stars1-7Newmarket RedmenMagna (Honda)
YS-N-AA-F12Feb 057:00 PMTNT Tornados3-6Whitchurch-Stouffville ClippersStouffville Clippers (CC1)
YS-N-AA-F4Feb 0712:30 PMNewmarket Redmen3-3Richmond Hill StarsElgin Barrow (East)
YS-N-AA-F6Feb 0812:00 PMWhitchurch-Stouffville Clippers4-1Richmond Hill StarsElgin Barrow (East)
YS-N-AA-F2Feb 083:15 PMTNT Tornados2-9Newmarket RedmenMagna (Honda)
YS-N-AA-F10Feb 127:00 PMNewmarket Redmen2-1Whitchurch-Stouffville ClippersStouffville Clippers (CC1)
YS-N-AA-F5Feb 141:00 PMTNT Tornados3-2Richmond Hill StarsBond Lake
YS-N-AA-F3Feb 176:15 PMWhitchurch-Stouffville Clippers4-5Newmarket RedmenMagna (Pfaff)
YS-N-AA-F9Feb 186:30 PMWhitchurch-Stouffville Clippers5-2TNT TornadosTottenham Rec
YS-N-AA-H1Feb 223:15 PMRichmond Hill Stars4-5Newmarket RedmenMagna (Honda)
YS-N-AA-G6Feb 237:30 PMTNT Tornados4-0Whitchurch-Stouffville ClippersStouffville Clippers (CC1)
YS-N-AA-G4Feb 266:00 PMAurora Tigers5-1Whitchurch-Stouffville ClippersStouffville (Pad A)
YS-N-AA-G3Feb 282:30 PMAurora Tigers3-3TNT TornadosNew Tecumseth Rec (NTRC 2)
YS-N-AA-H2Feb 283:00 PMNewmarket Redmen1-7Richmond Hill StarsBond Lake
YS-N-AA-G5Mar 0112:00 PMWhitchurch-Stouffville Clippers2-1TNT TornadosTottenham Rec
YS-N-AA-H6Mar 013:30 PMMarkham Waxers10-4Richmond Hill StarsElvis Stojko
YS-N-AA-H5Mar 026:00 PMMarkham Waxers1-2Newmarket RedmenMagna (Pfaff)
YS-N-AA-G1Mar 026:00 PMTNT Tornados2-3Aurora TigersStronach ARC (Toyota (West))
YS-N-AA-G2Mar 046:30 PMWhitchurch-Stouffville Clippers1-1Aurora TigersAurora CC (1 - Ford)
YS-N-AA-H3Mar 047:00 PMNewmarket Redmen1-6Markham WaxersMilliken Mills
YS-N-AA-H4Mar 056:00 PMRichmond Hill Stars1-8Markham WaxersMount Joy
YS-N-AA-I1Mar 076:00 PMTNT Tornados0-2Markham WaxersMilliken Mills
YS-N-AA-J1Mar 081:00 PMNewmarket Redmen2-3Aurora TigersStronach ARC (Pfaff (East))
YS-N-AA-I2Mar 083:00 PMMarkham Waxers2-1TNT TornadosNew Tecumseth Rec (NTRC 2)
YS-N-AA-J2Mar 106:15 PMAurora Tigers3-2Newmarket RedmenMagna (Pfaff)
YS-N-AA-I3Mar 126:30 PMTNT Tornados0-4Markham WaxersMount Joy
YS-N-AA-J3Mar 137:15 PMNewmarket Redmen3-5Aurora TigersAurora CC (2 - Lincoln)
YS-N-AA-Finals K1Mar 197:00 PMAurora Tigers2-2Markham WaxersCentennial
YS-N-AA-Finals K2Mar 222:15 PMMarkham Waxers6-2Aurora TigersAurora CC (2 - Lincoln)
YS-N-AA-Finals K3Mar 256:15 PMAurora Tigers1-3Markham WaxersCentennial
YS-N-AA-Finals K4Mar 266:30 PMMarkham Waxers5-2Aurora TigersAurora CC (1 - Ford)
Challenge-1Apr 118:15 AMBelleville Bulls1-2Markham WaxersMagna (Pfaff)
Challenge-2Apr 112:15 PMMarkham Waxers1-0Belleville BullsMagna (Pfaff)
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