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Dec 05, 2014 | Webmaster | 19981 views
Get Scores As They Happen
Are you interested in getting notified of scores for the other teams in your group?  Do you have an account on Twitter or a phone capable of receiving text messages?  If you answered yes to both questions, read on...

The York-Simcoe League's new schedules & standings platform, TheOneDB, has the ability to Tweet when certain things happen, like when a score is posted or when there are any last-minute schedule changes.  Every age group & category has their own Twitter account so you can follow just the groups you're interested in.

The names of each Twitter account are as follows:

NOVICE ysmhl_06aa ysmhl_06a ysmhl_06ae
MINOR ATOM ysmhl_05aa ysmhl_05a ysmhl_05ae
ATOM ysmhl_04aa ysmhl_04a ysmhl_04ae
MINOR PEEWEE ysmhl_03aa ysmhl_03a ysmhl_03ae
PEEWEE ysmhl_02aa ysmhl_02a ysmhl_02ae
MINOR BANTAM ysmhl_01aa ysmhl_01a ysmhl_01ae
BANTAM ysmhl_00aa ysmhl_00a ysmhl_00ae
MINOR MIDGET ysmhl_99aa ysmhl_99a ysmhl_99ae
MIDGET ysmhl_mid_aa ysmhl_mid_a ysmhl_mid_ae
JUVENILE ysmhl_juv

If you have an account on Twitter, then there are many different ways to follow any of the accounts listed above.  One way is to login to your account on, then click on the appropriate link above, and then use the Follow button on that page.

If you're not on Twitter you don't have to create an account.  Instead, you can simply send a text message to 21212 with the message of "FOLLOW name_of_account" where you'll enter the actual name of the account you want to follow.  For example, if you want to follow the Minor Midget AA account, the message would be "FOLLOW ysmhl_99aa".

Each of the group-level home pages on our site also will show the latest Tweets for that account and make it easy for you to follow the account from there.